Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Keep Busy While Recovering: Get Over It!

Whether you are recovering from surgery, are on bed rest, or at home taking it slow for any other reason, chances are you will get frustrated and depressed at some point.  You may end up feeling like a caged animal that needs to be let out.  You'll want your freedom back and wonder how it is that you are going to keep your sanity.

Here is the good news...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

For my first ankle surgery I was only supposed to be in a splint for the first couple of weeks and then go into a walking boot.  Well, at my two week post-op check up I was told that I would be going into a cast for the next 6 weeks instead.  To say that I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.  I was very depressed for the next several weeks.  It was very hard on me, both physically and emotionally.

For the first couple of months post-op I would go up and down my stairs on my butt for fear of falling down.  I remember one day, while going up the stairs, I was in so much pain that I just stopped midway and started crying.  Both my kids came and sat on the steps with me and gave me hugs.  And I realized, that as much pain as I was in, and as depressed as I was, I had a wonderful support system.  These two beautiful children of mine comforting their old mom.  And my husband, who helped me up and down the steps every single time, was there telling me that this wouldn't last forever.

So I needed to stop the pity party and just get over it.  I would get through this.  There was a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Depression is something that I've struggled with for many years, and when I'm physically struggling and in a lot of pain, the depression only gets worse.  So after my surgeries, I had to be on high alert for the signs of depression.  I always try to keep myself as positive as I can.  Little things like opening up the blinds every day to let in the sunlight are a huge help.  Even making sure that I shower and wear a bra are subtle reminders of being human.  So for anyone that thinks that it's easy to say "Get over it!"...please know that I understand that it's not always as easy as that.  But being as positive as I can and trying to count my blessings really goes a long way with feeling better, and less depressed.  And when you are feeling better emotionally, you can physically heal faster.

This too shall pass.  And it did.  And it does.



  1. Things happen in life and there time nothing can be done..Just get over your self.

    Hope your day is going good.
    Coffee is on

    1. Thanks for stopping in again Dora!

  2. That sounds very painful! I hope you can make the most of it. Sometimes when things like that happen it's life or God telling you to slow down. Maybe it'll give you the time to do other things you wanted to do like research things online, sleep, read, write, or catch up on some TV/movies. In any case, I hope you recover soon!

    Btw, thanks for the heads up about my bloghop post. I didn't know what the premise was until I did a little searching online. I re-edited my post. Whew!

    1. I have definitely had time to do some other things. Unfortunately, most of it has been mindless tv watching. But I did learn some stuff from the documentaries I watched.
      Glad you got the bloghop thing worked out. I enjoy hopping from blog to blog. See you around!