Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#AtoZReflections 2017

Procrastination is my middle name...

This year I decided the day before the challenge started that I was going to participate...yeah, I know...not the brightest move. In the past, I've written my posts on the weekend before...this year I flew by the seat of my pants (for me at least) and wrote them a day or two in advance, some the night before. I really don't want to do that again! I burned myself out that way, as I felt too overwhelmed.

The Linky List was gone this year...

I was leery about not having a master linky list, but I did like that I could post my exact theme when I posted my daily blog link on the A to Z blog page. I didn't like having to post my link every day though, so it was a pro and a con.

Feedback and Comments

I did get some great comments this year, and I think it had to do with the fact that people were able to see what my theme was before coming to my blog. At least this is my theory. I was a bit sad that I didn't get more male visitors, but I completely understand why :) It was a priority to respond to all my comments and visit their blogs in return. Thanks to all who commented and for all your kind words!

Pet Peeves...

Anyone else get totally insulted upon seeing the “your comment will be visible after approval” thing? No? Just me then... 
Also, I HATE having to fill out a form in order to comment. I only put up with this when I am replying to someone who has commented on a post of mine. Otherwise, I leave and don't comment. Sorry!

Blogs I Enjoyed This Year

Fangirl Stitches ...I seem to always enjoy Roslyn's A to Z's, and this year was no different. She covered Buffy the Vampire Slayer for her A to Z. 
Dorky Mom Doodles ...put a smile on my face and constantly gave me a chuckle! 
Tales from the Love Shaque  ...my most favorite theme this year! An A to Z of Hair Band Songs!

Noteworthy Post:

Y is for Yoda @Doree Weller's blog  ...I loved this post!

I am still not a robot...

As always, on the blogs that have it, I find it entertaining to check that box to prove that I'm not a robot LOL

What are your thoughts about this years challenge? Did you participate? Did you finish? If you have any favorite blogs or posts, please share them in the comments!


  1. I enjoyed your theme this year. It was fun! I thought not having a list was mixed too. I agree with your thoughts that it was nice to have an idea of what you were visiting from the daily posts so that was a big pro, but it was harder to try to see everyone. I get it though. I'm sure it's a lot to maintain and keep the list clean during the challenge. I'm with you on the comment moderation. It's much better if you turn it off for the challenge. WeekendsInMaine

    1. Thanks for the visit Karen! I enjoyed your blog too!

  2. actually, I seem to encounter less male blogger every year. I know they're out but for some reason, almost all my visitors are female.

    I did know the theme to a blog before I visit them so I knew what I will be seeing which I think is good. If I have no interest, there's no reason to visit.

    I only seen a few 'your comment will be visible after approval' as most bloggers allow comments to go through right away which I think it's helpful because I sometimes re-read my comments to check for mistakes.

    do you know if you're on a blogspot blog and you're logged in to google, you really do not have to check the 'prove you're a robot' button? your comments will go through without checking it. at least, in my experience

    I really wished I had make a list of favorite blog posts or themes but sadly, I didn't but it's nice to check out the reflection posts for those who highlight them.

    have a lovely day.

    my reflection post

    1. I only started keeping a running list of blogs my second year in...after I saw others mention that in their Reflections posts the year prior. Live and learn! Thanks for the visit Lissa!

  3. Yes I agree with lots of your comments and I'm glad you posted some of your favourite bloggers in the Challenge because I hadn't come across Dorky Mom Doodles and I've just read through all of her A-Z posts - so funny and SO true!!! You were one of mine and I certainly didn't realise you'd been on the back foot too - they were GREAT posts :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words...again :) Yup, I was striving just to keep up some days. All the behind the scenes crazy that no one else sees :)

  4. Thanks for the share!

    Procrastination was strong with me, too. Some of my posts came shortly before midnight, yikes! Next year I hope to plan it a little better.

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for making me laugh all month long!

  5. Thanks for the mention! I'm with you on the pet peeves thing, though people might not know that their site makes commenters fill out a form. I know I have mine set to approve once, and then once I validate someone as an approved commenter, they can comment to their heart's content. Good thoughts on the challenge.

    I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger award, and now I nominate you. You don't have to accept you don't want to, but it was fun to do. You can read about it on my blog, if you're interested.
    Doree Weller

  6. Waiting to the last minute makes A to Z a real Challenge in the tradition of the first year when I did it. That first year I prepared each post the day before and visited an average of 100 blogs per day leaving comments on nearly all of them. I wouldn't do that again, but it was grueling fun.

    Have you tried putting comments through without checking the robot box? I never check it and my comments always go through without a problem (on Blogger).

    Thanks for the Reflections and for joining us again for A to Z April.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. No one would have guessed you waited to the last minute with such a fun theme. =) I'm with you on the comment forms, but comment verification is what drives me insane. Maybe most people don't hit that many blogs in a single day, but once you top about 50, blogger gets to be a nightmare. I don't mind the visible after approval. Heaven knows I've had my fair share of spammers.

  8. 2017 was my 4th Challenge and my favourite so far. I read a lot of negative comments about the Facebook commenting system instead of the linky list, but I much preferred it. I agree about being able to put the theme and post title up each day. The Linkylist was full of dead links, non participants and 'cheating participants, and I didn't like it at all. Visits to and comments on my posts were pretty much the same as previous years, but this year I chose a theme which did not have mass appeal: heavy metal, so I was really happy with the feedback. Happy all around. I'll be back next year.

  9. I haven't done the A to Z challenge in years. I don't have enough hours for it! I hope you're doing well. Have a good weekend!

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  11. This year was my first AtoZ challenge, so I didn't have anything to compare it with. The linky list was cumbersome, especially because I too did procrastinate! Getting my post in at the 11th hour 59th minute, it was an added strain to also put up the link on the home page!
    I will also visit the blogs you mentioned above!

  12. If you get back to blogging, sing out and come visit. I'm cleaning up my blog visitors list. And like many wasn't active for a long time. Back in it now though, so sing out when you come back.

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