Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things -- August 19

It's Friday and I'm Celebrating The Small Things!  The brainchild of ViklitCelebrate The Small Things is a weekly celebration where some bloggers have decided to post about something worth matter how big or small it is.

Today I'm celebrating...

  • my baby girl turned Sweet Sixteen! I can't believe how grown up she is already...seems like just yesterday that she was so itty bitty and fit perfectly in my arms.
  • my husband and kids! Having the party last weekend took a lot out of me, even thought I purposely tried to take it easy! I guess I did more than my body could handle, and I ended up pretty achy on Sunday and Monday. If it wasn't for my hubby and kids, things wouldn't have gotten done. They all helped with set up, clean up, food prep, taking care of Emmie (our dog and my bestie), and more stuff that I'm sure I just can't remember. That's one nice thing about having older kiddos...they can help!
  • acupuncture... Having an acupuncture treatment on Tuesday really helped my body recover from the weekend. I really love acupuncture...a lot. I've blogged about it many, many times. For anyone interested in reading more about my acupuncture adventures, just type 'acupuncture' in the search bar on the right.
  • Jim Gaffigan...When I'm not feeling well, I like to watch funny stuff on tv to help myself feel better. Gaffigan is, by far, my favorite comedian, and Netflix now has another two specials of his available to watch. If you are in need of a good laugh, check him out! For anyone who doesn't have Netflix, I will link his website here.

What are you celebrating?

If you'd like to Celebrate The Small Things, visit our wonderful host, Lexa @ Lexa Cain for more information.  And don't forget to visit her wonderful co-hosts:   LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge and Tonja Drecker @Kidbits Blog

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