Monday, May 4, 2015

A to Z 2015 Reflections Post

Congratulations to everyone who conquered the A to Z Challenge!

Here we go! My thoughts on the 2015 A to Z Challenge...

My Own Personal Preferences

  • Some themes/posts are self explanatory by their title, but when they aren't, I really appreciated when people put just a short blurb at the top, or beginning of their post, explaining what their A to Z focused on. Having it done this way made it easier for me to just dive in. 
  •  I find that I definitely prefer shorter posts. Unless it's a topic that I LOVE, or a person that has commented on my blog and I'm trying to return the comment, I usually leave the page if it's more than a few paragraphs. 
  • Midway through the month, I went back to my routine and replied back to comments on my blog only after visiting and commenting on the original posters blog. Initially I started the challenge by not responding to comments on my blog, thinking this would save me some time, but it just caused me confusion since this was not the way I usually handle things. I'm a creature of habit!
  • I really, really, REALLY appreciate when a visitor just leaves me a direct link to their blog in the comments. When I click on a visitors name and it brings me to blogger...not too bad. But when it brings me to Google+, I pretty much want to slam my head into a wall. I fucking hate trying to navigate Google+...there's just too much clicking involved. This is a blog hop that involves over 1500 people. Please make it easy!

Recommendations/Improvements that I think can be made with the Challenge itself (the first two are the same thoughts that I had last year)

  • A registering system where you can fill in your blog topic instead of having to pick from pre-made ones.
  • All the blog topics would be sorted alphabetically. This recommendation is a direct result of my OCD.
  • The A to Z team could include a tutorial on how to include a direct link to your blog when you comment (using HTML fancy language). This would eliminate the Google+ head banging feeling that many of us get.
  • I love the new idea for the A-Z Challenge themed t-shirts. You know what I'd like better than a t-shirt? An A to Z bandana! I can put it on Emmie :)

Now that I'm done complaining... here are some A to Z bloggers that I enjoyed:

  • Heather @Waiting is the HardestPart--Heather shared with us how much of an impact the show, The X-Files, made on her life. Her theme makes me want to do a Right.Now. I enjoyed her point of view on her topics as well as the funny commentary by Stormy, her sidekick, at the end of the posts. Plus, she has a blow up alien doll...and that's cool.
  • Roslyn @Fangirl Stitches--She shared geek themed cross-stitch posts. Geeky mixed with art...I'm all over that!
  • Tyrean @Everyday Writer, TyreanMartinson--Tyrean focused her theme on featuring other bloggers. Not only did I think that this was extremely generous of her, but it shed some light on some new bloggers that I found to be really interesting.

Overall, I'm happy that I accepted the challenge for a second year. If I do it again next year, I think I'll do something similar as this year and keep it really simple and short. Who knows...maybe Emmie will help me out again :)

Many thanks to everyone who visited my blog and left was most appreciated!

What are your thoughts? Are you glad you took the challenge?


  1. I loved your posts. It was such a fun theme.

  2. It was great meeting Emmie and I certainly agree about tutorials (I put this on my post too!) as well as having the opportunity to self-categorize! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. I know that the linky thing is finicky and self-categorizing may not be possible...but one can hope! Thanks for all the visits Pempi!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out!!! I loved your Emmie posts - they were so sweet and wonderful! I agree with the need for an HTML tutorial - I forgot how to do it, and got lazy in the midst of the challenge.

    1. I remember reading a tutorial about half way through last years A to Z...just can't remember whose blog it was on or I would have linked it and did a reminder post!

  4. Lovely post. glad I finally came here. my reflections post

  5. I like you preferences and suggestions. I'm also a huge fan of Tyrean!

  6. I'm so glad you joined again this year and Emmie was a perfect choice! Think how many pictures you will have taken before next year!
    You have some good suggestions and thoughts. Thanks for the feedback. Until they come up with something easier to use that the linky list, I'm afraid that's what we have to use for now.
    Thank you for mentioning me! I loved everyone's comments that they wanted to watch the show all over again! It's a great show!

    1. I wish I had a viewing partner...hmmmm...maybe I could convince Jason to do a rewatch with me...

  7. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!

    Mary @

  8. Congrats on surviving the Challenge! I'm on my A to Z Road Trip to catch up on all the posts I missed in April. Emmie is such a sweetie! I loved the cute videos. I don't know which was funnier — the wigglebutt, her whipping that rope around, or her barking at the trumpet and ice machine. I'm glad she's found a loving home.

  9. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! I actually got to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip/Reflections linky. During my travels, I came across another couple of bloggers who wanted to know how to add their signature at the end of comments, so I've prepared a mini tutorial to get you started. I hope you find it useful. Go here...

    Entrepreneurial Goddess