TAR Pics/X-Rays



Right Ankle -- December 18

I have a three part STAR ankle.  Read about it here.


I've mentioned that I'm a hard stick...the IV that's in my hand is the second one I had done, since the first one (pic on right) didn't last very long.  I had black and blues for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Dec 9th

The day I went in to my local hospital to see if I did any real damage by losing my balance and landing on my ankle just 3 days after my surgery.  You can read about that here.  These are some pics I took after they took my original splint off.  That yellow tape is some weird tape that they put on top of your stitches.  It looks like old packing tape!

Dec 18

This is 2 weeks after my surgery...the day I was supposed to get my stitches out.

Dec 23

The day I got my stitches out.  The pic on the right shows the spot where they "super-glued" it...we had to wait a few minutes for it to dry before the other steri-strips were added.

Dec 30

The back of my leg is still bruised...the yellow was hard to pick up on camera, but I think you can see it.  And my steri-strips are starting to come off.  Now that my incision is exposed, the cocoa butter routine is in full swing...applying it in the morning and at night.

January 2, 2014

The back of my knee still has some bruising and most of my steri-strips have come off.  You can see in the picture where I have both ankles showing that there are no more steri-strips at all...yeah, that last one hanging on was bothering me so it got a yank :)  Notice how light the scar on my left foot is...thank you cocoa butter!

January 15, 2014

This is just after I took my sock off, so you can sort of see some of the marks on my foot :)

January 24, 2014

These aren't the best quality since I took them with my iPod...but they will have to do!

January 27, 2014

Just two days short of being 8 weeks post-op

January 30, 2014

Here you can see that the bruising on my heal is significantly lighter.  You can also see the three little knick marks where the doctor did the achilles lenthening.  My left foot is 7.5 months post op...you can see the comparison with my right, at 8 weeks post op.

February 6

This is 9 weeks and 1 day post-op.  The bruising on my heel is almost gone!

February 18

Approximately 8 months post-op for ankle #1 and 11 weeks post-op for #2.  Still using my cocoa butter...and have gone back to using it on my left foot too.

March 5

13 weeks post-op

March 26

Approximately 9 months post-op for ankle #1 (left)
16 weeks post-op for ankle #2 (right)

April 24

20 weeks post-op for my right ankle (#2) and 10.5 months post-op for my left (#1).

The inside of my ankle still has the slightest bruising.

June 6

My one year check up for ankle #1 (left) and 6 month check up for #2 (right).

June 26

One year, two weeks post-op for the left ankle...29 weeks post-op for the right ankle.

October 21, 2014

Approximately 1 year, 4 months for ankle #1 (left) and 10.5 months for ankle #2 (right).

January 2015

1.5 years for ankle #1 (left) and 13 months for ankle #2 (right)