Monday, April 25, 2016

Unexpected Gifts #AtoZChallenge

...unexpected gifts.  The best gifts are the unexpected ones.  The best surprise gift I ever had was my daughter :)  But I've had some material gifts too, and that's the focus on today's post.

Recently, my brother sent me this...

A Doctor Who license plate cover!  He said that when he saw it he knew he had to buy it for bro ever.

Another surprise gift was this...

My friend Dany (same friend that I mentioned in Saturday's post) brought me this when she came to the US and stopped by for a visit.  It's now my favorite mug.

And the last one that I'll mention was a gift to my husband from the team he coaches.  How perfect of a gift is this?!

What's the best unexpected gift you've either given or received?


  1. That number plate cover is the best thing I've ever seen!

    Fangirl Stitches cross stitching A-Z
    Travel like a Geek Harry Potter Tour

  2. The unexpected gifts are always the best. I've had friends and family who know I love collecting coffee mugs and such. One of my friends gave me a mug in the shape of Darth Vaders head. Best coffee mug ever.

  3. Well, it may sound silly but I've discovered in life that you never know what people think of you. If you're the screwed up artist like me, you think everyone thinks you suck. Then you find that there are a god number of people who actually think very highly of you. To me, that's the best unexpected gift.

    1. That's a wonderful unexpected gift. And you are very talented Tommy!

  4. love the license plate holder! was wearing my Dr Who shirt today in fact. Says "you always remember your first doctor" :D

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

    1. Love that for a shirt! Now I need one ;)

  5. Gifts with meaning! Awesome.