Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Top Of The Line 3 Part Ankle System

Someone recently asked me about the size of the implant that was used in my ankle.  So I asked my surgeon if he remembered or knew.  He said that he didn't know, but that if he had to guess, it was probably a small size.  He also said that the decision on which size implant to use is made when the patient is on the table.

My implant is the STAR implant--Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement.  At the moment, it's the top of the line, most advanced ankle in the world.  It's a 3 part system...2 metal parts go into the bones and there is a plastic part (that you really can't see on the x-ray unless you look really hard and see what looks like a thin pin) that acts like the cartilage.  He said that the 2 metal parts come in 6 different sizes and the plastic part comes in 8-10 the entire thing is very custom.  I'm like a custom built Buick :)  The nice thing about the three part system is that if one of the parts starts to wear, it can be replaced without the others having to be touched. 

I asked if the plastic part was the most likely piece to wear first because it acts like cartilage...he said yes.  And get this...he said that it's a 5 minute procedure to replace that part because he's just making an incision large enough to pop out the old part and put in the new one.  I wonder if they even need to put you under general anesthesia for that?  The way he explained it, it sounded easier than when I had root canal!  Have I ever mentioned my hatred for all things dentist related?

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