Friday, February 28, 2014

My Cocoa Butter Slathering Routine

Years ago, to help with scarring, I used Vitamin E ointment when I had my hip and knee surgeries.  At the time, I thought it helped a bit.  But most scars really need time to help them fade.  And time requires patience...and I really hate patience!  I want my scars to fade yesterday.  So this time around with my ankle surgeries, I decided to try something new.

I had used cocoa butter on my c-section scar way back in the day when I had my babies.  It was supposed to help with scarring and stretch marks.  Did it work?  At the time, I wasn't really sure if it helped a lot, but I did think it helped a bit with the scarring.  Not so much with the stretch marks :(  So I bought a new jar of cocoa butter before ankle surgery #1 in hopes that it would help lighten my scars.  And the Palmer's brand even had my previous go to, the Vitamin E, in it.

For my first ankle surgery, which was in June 2013, I put it on in the morning and at night every day for a few months.  I haven't been quite as diligent with ankle #2, but I do put it on every day...just not always twice a day.  Lately, I've been applying it to both ankles...I figure that it can't hurt to continue on both...especially since I have so much of it left.  Seriously, this stuff goes a long way.  I have a 3.5 oz container and considering how often I've used it, there is still a lot left in this little jar.

It is more of an ointment than a cream...meaning that it doesn't fully absorb into the skin.  When I apply it, I do so right before I put my socks on.  But even when I apply it at night, without socks, I don't find that it's a's not super greasy or anything.  If you go to my picture page, you can look at my left and right ankle scars and see the difference between the two.  The scar on my left ankle (#1) is very light considering the short amount of time I've had it.

And the best thing about cocoa smells very chocolate.

Has anyone else used cocoa butter for scars?  Any other recommendations for products that work well for scarring?

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