Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ignorance Is Bliss

Yesterday I realized that I could walk around the house without my cane...still having the boot on, of course.  This is fantastic because now I have use of both my hands and I can get around quicker without the cane.  

But there is always a flip side.  

This new found freedom has led to some household discoveries...and none of them were good.

  1. My kitchen is definitely not as clean as I'd like to believe. 

    There was enough food encrusted on the front of my kitchen cabinets for a toddler to snack on.  And I don't even want to think about what is underneath my stove.  Oh, and I have a small pantry in my kitchen...but it's big enough to stand inside of and shut the door.  My pantry, at the moment, has so much crap just randomly shoved in there that I'm lucky I can even close the door.  But, amazingly, there is still nothing to eat.

  2. Anything requiring any sort of electrical power in the basement...was on. 

    Lights, tv, gaming systems, younameit.  Plus, it looks like the kids were hosting a book club down there with all my folding chairs out.  I think I counted 6 folding chairs.  This is in addition to the couch and wing-back chair that are down there.  And the floor!  Whatever happened to kids sitting on the floor???  There are board games out on the table, sleeping bags and pillows on the floor, and random crap all over the place.  I shut everything off and got the hell out of there as quickly as I could hobble. 

  3. The ant problem that has emerged in the past couple of months has got to stop or I'm moving. 

    This happened after my last surgery too.  A couple of months go by where I'm not cleaning the kitchens and bathrooms on a consistent basis, and the little buggers (pun intended!) show up.  I took bleach to almost every surface in my bathroom, then sprayed with hardcore bug spray.  I think I lost a layer of skin on my hand (gloves are for the weak), and both of my feet are killing me, but I, hopefully, have gotten rid of the little bastards...in my bathroom at least.

I am now sitting on my recliner, with my feet up, trying not to look at anything else in the house.  Remind me again why I stopped taking all those good drugs?  I want my bubble world back.  There is something to be said about being confined to one room when you live with animals!


On the bright side, my thigh muscles are a bit sore from PT yesterday...which makes me subconsciously feel thinner :)

Rant Over.

Anyone else feel the need to rant?  Feel free to rant away in the comments below!

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