Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11 Week Update -- Ankle #2

The cane is my friend these days when I go out...but when I'm inside, and have my boot on, I'm walking around the house without it...and there is little to no pain in my ankle while making my way around the house...probably because it's short distances.  However, my lower back or hip will start to ache before my ankles do.  My overall strength and balance is getting better and I'm able to move more quickly.  My foot doesn't swell as quickly and I haven't iced it, outside of therapy, for about a month.

I've tried to do more stuff around the house...wiping up counter tops, loading up the dishwasher, and overall tidying. With some modifications (like doing the prep work sitting down), I even managed to cook dinner the other night (read about my chicken soup without chicken post here).  Although I can do more, most of the housework and cooking is still being handled by my family.

This Friday I make my way into Washington DC to see my surgeon and get my boot off.  I'll keep everyone posted on how my 3 month check up goes!

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