Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Overdid It, But It Was Worth It

Yesterday was a good day.  I totally overdid it, but is was so worth it.

I was up at 7am to get ready for my 9am acupuncture appointment.  My husband dropped me off and since I still can't drive I asked if my best friend would pick me up so we could hang out for a while.  The bestie obliged and we went to Panera for an early lunch.

We then picked up my daughter from my mother-in-law's house (they spent the morning together) and headed over to Guitar Center because the bestie wanted to look at a new guitar.  My daughter and I were bad influences and were helpful enablers when it came to my bff spending his money on a new guitar (but it's an investment, right?).  Then we all went back to the bestie's house and my daughter, who has recently started guitar lessons herself, jammed out with my bestie.  Joy overload :)

The bestie and my girl :)

My husband took my son to the new Lego movie that morning and then went back to my in-laws for a sense going all the way back to my town...both my bestie and my in-laws live a few towns over.  So the hubs stayed so he could drive me and my daughter home.  But before we went home, we all went for dinner at the local Italian restaurant.  “We all” meaning: my family, my in-laws, and the bestie's family.  After feeling sufficiently stuffed to the brim (more free bread?), we finally came home.

By the time we came home, both my feet were pretty swollen...ankle #1 actually looked more swollen than #2.  However, the pain wasn't too bad.  My lower back was hurting more than my feet...I guess too much standing at the guitar store.  I took a nice hot bath, hoping that would help both the feet and the back...then got into my jammies, and into bed with my Kindle for some e-book reading.

All in all, a great day.  I may have overdid it, and I'm still paying for it today (the back is a bastard), but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.   I had a “normal” day!

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