Wednesday, February 5, 2014

9 Week Update -- Ankle #2

My ankle has finally started feeling better since I overdid it in physical therapy a couple of weeks ago.  It doesn't hurt anymore to just stand on it, and when I walk, the inside of my ankle doesn't hurt anymore.  This is about where I was in the beginning of the week of January 20th.  The end of that week is when I had to go back on crutches because of the pain.  (To read about how I overdid it and ended up in pain, click here).

So I'm back to walking around using just my cane, which I'm mostly using for balance.  When I walk around in the boot, there is little to no pain.  When I don't have my boot on, there is some pain when I walk, but nothing horrific.  I have pt tomorrow and I'm hoping to get back on the treadmill...I'm done babying it and want to get back on track.

The biggest problem the past few days has been the pain in my left hand/wrist.  This was bothering me a lot right after surgery...mostly because I was non-weight bearing and had to carry most of my weight on my hands when getting around with my walker or crutches.  It had eased up after I started putting weight back on my foot.  Maybe it's because of the weather (the snow and the ice storms), or because I was back on my crutches for a week, that it has hurt more. I'm hoping that it eases up in the next few days.  If not, I'll have my acupuncturist work on it some this weekend.

The best parts of this week...

  1. I had a cleaning service come in and do a deep cleaning of my bathrooms.  It cost me a small fortune, but I'm so much happier now that I can see through my glass shower doors again.
  2. I went to dinner last Friday night with my hubby and kids.  Walked into the restaurant with my cane and was able to sit through dinner without my foot swelling like crazy.  Little by little, I am improving!

My super clean shower!


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