Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day? So What.

My husband got out of bed this morning, got dressed, shoveled snow, and shouted a goodbye to me from downstairs.  It wasn't until I went on Facebook that I even realized that it was Valentine's Day.

When we first got married, at 23, with no hubs got me an expensive bouquet of long stemmed red roses.  While I appreciated the thought, I told him to not waste money on flowers like that again.  We didn't have the extra money to spend (and still don't), so why waste it?  I just couldn't then (and still can't now) see spending anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars on flowers that will be dead in a week.  And I have tell you, I have never felt deprived because I didn't get one of those expensive bouquets again.

I requested instead, for him to every now and again buy me grocery store flowers...and if they were on sale--all the better.  I'll take my husband getting me $10 flowers from the grocery know...spontaneously.  And how he'll give the flowers to the kids to bring to me...that's love.  This is what I need.  My hubs buying flowers for my children to give was especially cute when they were very little.  And he lets the kids pick out the flowers I'd get bright blues and oranges to lime green flowers.  This is better than any “fancy” bouquet out there.

Living with chronic pain really makes you appreciate your loved ones even more.  After I had my last ankle surgery, and was in a lot of pain, my husband helped me get dressed.  Doesn't sound like much...until you are the one who needs help with something as simple as getting dressed.  He brought me all my meals in bed.  He took care of the kids.  Did all the laundry and cooking.  Came home on his lunch hour to make sure I had lunch.  And still managed to work a full time job in the midst of all this insanity.

He is my rock.

He puts on My Cousin Vinny when I feel homesick.  He drags me out of the house when I'm depressed.  He runs a hot bath for me when I'm achy.  He gives me his half of the blanket when I'm cold.  He lets me hold the remote.

F**k Valentine's Day.  If you are doing it right, today is just another day.

Today I do not expect to receive any gifts from my husband as “proof” of his love for me...because I know he does.  Not only does he help me when I need it most, he makes me feel special in so many ways throughout the year.
From Pixabay.xom

Thank you my love.  I know you read my if you are reading this...know that I love you more than chocolate and pizza :)

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