Thursday, April 9, 2015


An A to Z Challenge from the point of view of the newest member of the family...Emmie is a 4-ish year old pit bull mix that we rescued on March 20, 2015.

My humans made me a sign. I can' read it, but it sure looks pretty! It was hanging on the door the day I came home.

I'm so happy that I finally have a forever home.

Have you ever rescued an animal?


  1. There were three main dogs in my life, all of them a rescue of some kind. The first, Buddy, was neglected by his family. Teddy's owner loved him, but she couldn't keep him because he killed the neighbor's chickens. Poochie was the runt of the litter and needed help to feed herself. Wonder what the next one's history will be like.

    1. Sounds like you have a big heart :)

    2. Can't really take credit, my parents did the actual rescuing. Buddy and Teddy have been gone for a while, but Poochie's still hanging around.

  2. If I had the time for a dog it would be a rescued one, for sure.

    Precious Monsters

  3. I have rescued over 200 animals in the last 5 years. It's become either a hobby, or a habit, I am not sure which one. I live in small town that is inundated with homeless animals and our shelter is not funded adequately to even make a dent. So I do my part and then some. Last spring I was feeding a pregnant cat living in the courthouse employee paring lot. I fed her for a bout a week watching her behaviors. I soon discovered she was living under a condemned house a few doors down. I went home, grabbed my humane racoon trap, pet carrier , and a can of tuna and returned to fetch that pregnant girl before she got any bigger. I set the trap and went back to hide in my car. Within minutes pregnant mama, and her pregnant sister, and her other pregnant sister came out from under the house. Oh dear, I had not planned on 3. Long story short. By the weeks end I had all 3 bunking in my guest bathroom. Oh the stories I could tell. Maybe for the A-Z challenge next year I will tell 26 separate animal rescue tales.

  4. Emmie is adorable! God bless her. I had to take a quick break from my alter ego for a minute. Wonderful celebrations... I know you commented on my other blog and I didn't put two and two together. It just hit me that you're doing the A-Z with me. OMG! My brain...dammit the brain.

    I'll make sure to visit once I'm back. SMH. Hugs. Eva

  5. All my cats are strays.
    Crazy what we do for animals.