Wednesday, April 8, 2015


An A to Z Challenge from the point of view of the newest member of the family...Emmie is a 4-ish year old pit bull mix that we rescued on March 20, 2015.

Since coming to my new home, I've met a lot of new people. The other day, my new human brother had one of his friends come over with his puppy, Bella. I think Bella was a little intimidated by my size at first, but she warmed up to me and we had fun smelling my backyard. I can't wait to have another puppy play date with her! 

Who do you love spending time with?


  1. How cute. It was slow at the day job today so I kept sneaking out to pet the boss's dog.

  2. Aw! My parents have two standard poodles, and my best friend has a teacup poodle named Princess. She brings Princess with her when we visit them, and- well, needless to say, the large dogs are terrified and awed by the little lady. They view her as a deep mystery. How, they wonder, is she so small? How is she so fierce? Where does she store all that fierceness?

  3. Playtime!
    You took some great pictures of her!