Friday, November 29, 2013

Pre-Op Checklist--aka: Sh*t That Needs To Get Done Before I Get Surgerized

Grammar Nazi's--settle down.  Surgerized is a word my son made up.  He's ten.  And super cute and funny.  So now I use it in my vocabulary.

Below is a list of all the things to get done before I go into surgery again.  Some of these things I won't have to do again (like buy a wheelchair), but I listed them anyway, so anyone getting ready for this surgery will have a good place to start.  *All the things that are starred are items I already own from my last surgery. 
 Things to do:
  • Get pre-op physical from regular, family doctor
  • Do pre-op interview with hospital
  • Schedule babysitting for kids
  • Contact kids school about absences
  • Clean the house
  • Pay bills
  • Pack bag for hospital
  • Get haircut
  • Stop Celebrex
  • Make some extra food to freeze for extra meals
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Make room in freezer for ice.  We didn't know this for ankle #1...after that surgery they sent me home with a Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy Unit (which is genius and one of those things I wish I invented).  Click here for my post on the awesomeness of the polar cube.

Items to purchase:

Did I miss anything?

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