Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seeing the surgeon tomorrow

So tomorrow I go see my ankle surgeon.  It will be almost 5 months since my total ankle replacement surgery and I'm kinda nervous about what he's going to say.  I need to have my other ankle operated on as well and I want him to tell me that he'll do it before the new year.  Come the new year all my medical stuff resets and I will owe my deductible and all that other medical stuff...basically it will cost me a crap-ton more money if I have to wait for the new year.

How's the past 5 months been for my ankle?  Better than my other surgeries!  I actually told my physical therapist today that I think my ankle surgery was easier than my c-sections.  Yeah, it's been more recovery time...but pain-wise, it's been easier.  The first 2 months were the hardest because I was non-weight bearing...which sucked ass.  7 weeks of boring, annoying, frustrating shittiness.  It would take me 2 hours just to shower and get ready...I had to stand on one foot for everything (and that foot has shitty bone in it, so that was awesome).  Had to use the walker to get around everywhere...which took forever...and hurt my hands and elbows (shitty bones there too).  I am so grateful that I can walk on two feet again! that I've started this blog, I should at least have something to do for the next ankle surgery...and I can document it for anyone else who's thinking of having this done.  Blogging will be a better use of my time...better than watching Netflix 24/7...right?

My STAR total ankle replacement.  June 2013.  I even got screwed :)

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