Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Day of PT...for now

Well, today was my last day at physical therapy before I have ankle #2 done.  I was going to make another appointment this week, but the only day that is available is Wednesday, and I have acupuncture that day...and doing both in the same day isn't an option.

I had my therapist, Jenn, take measurements of both ankles.  I thought I'd be all scientific-like with the comparisons since my right ankle measurements are really my baseline for my left.  Here are my numbers...all are active range of motion:

Plantarflexion                L=40 R=40
Dorsiflexion                   L=7 R=10
Inversion                       L=30 R=30
Eversion                        L=5 R=10
Standing Calf Stretch    L=15 R=30

Remember: my Left is my new ankle, or ankle #1.  The Right is still my old ankle, or ankle #2.

The inversion on ankle #1 is still weak, but I can get it to what my other one is.  Jenn says my numbers are reasonable, but would like to see me keep stretching my calf.  She wants me to do it every hour!  Oy...

Psoas Muscle.  From Wikipedia.

I can do 9 minutes on the treadmill, at 1.8 mph. It doesn't seem like a lot, and it's probably not, but I can't overdue ankle #2.  After about the 7 minute mark, my left hip starts to hurt a bit.  Jenn says that it's probably caused by my gait and did some hands-on stretching of the psoas muscle...which was feels like she's pushing on your gut/groin.  Good times.

Also included in my PT routine: the thigh machine – 45 lbs, the knee machine – 15 lbs (just started this 2 weeks ago), the pilates reformer, the total gym (level 5), and table exercises (leg lifts, table top marching, etc).

At home exercises: gray theraband, core work (table top, pelvic tilts), stretching, leg lifts (straight up and side).  Also, I'll sit with my knees at 90 degrees, and put as much weight on my left knee as I can...and then do calf lifts with my left foot.  This is a cheat, because I can't do standing calf lifts yet...mostly because if I try to do them one legged (on the new ankle), I can't do it.  And I can't do it with both feet because my old ankle #2 is still shitty and will crumble to bits.  I know this because the last time I did calf lifts I couldn't walk on that ankle for a good six weeks.  Ankle #2--it's time for you to hit the road Jack!

I know everyone is different, but I always wonder where other people are at this point in their recovery. Is everyone else running marathons at this point? Or are you struggling like me?

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