Friday, November 8, 2013

Total Ankle Replacement...The sequel

I'm not quite 5 months out from my first ankle replacement, and yes...I'm going for the second one! Conflicted on how to react?  Yeah, join the club. I'm happy that #2 will be getting done so I can concentrate on recovery, recovery, recovery. But I'm also scared to have surgery...I'm always scared to have surgery...It's friggen surgery!  You know, where they rip open your body and cut and paste shit in and whatnot.  Not fun times usually.  But, #1 wasn't too bad.  The recovery has been slow, but the pain has been very manageable.

Oh, and I'm getting screwed again!  Happy Day!  The doc said that since my bone fractured in the left ankle while doing the surgery (I have soft bones apparently), he will put a screw in my right before he starts the rest of the procedure. This should lessen the probability of my bone cracking/fracturing. If the bone doesn't fracture, then I shouldn't have to be casted as long this time....which was the biggest setback for my recovery.

Why was being in a cast for so long a setback?  Because it's a looong time to be non-weight bearing on your foot.  Your muscles atrophy and it takes longer to build back your strength.   I was in a splint for 2 weeks...then a cast for another 4 (which turned into 5 because I couldn't get an earlier appointment)...then had to wait another week to see my physical therapist (again...couldn't get an appointment).

Total weeks of sitting on my ass doing nothing:  8 effin weeks.  6 more than “normal” people....which is why my therapist thinks I had a harder time of rehabbing.

This time going in to surgery will be better because I'm a bit stronger.  My right leg is stronger, from being the dominant leg for so long, and I'll be able to really push myself better in therapy because I won't have another ankle to baby.   I'm also going to be doing leg lifts in my cast to keep up the strength in my leg. And I can still do some of my core work (oh goodie).

In summary...Christmas should be fun because I will have good drugs, and I'll be getting screwed by the doctor for the second time this year :D

Left ankle -- almost 5 months post-op

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