Friday, November 15, 2013

Adam Levine Is Magic

What do Adam Levine and puppies have to do with a blog about having a shitty bone disease and living with chronic pain?  Not much...on the surface.   But lets look a little deeper.

Adam Levine is hot.  And talented.  And seemingly funny.  And this all makes me happy.  And studies have proven that happiness makes you experience less pain.   And less pain is good for someone who has shitty bones.

So if a + b = c
and c = d
then Adam Levine with a puppy is an analgesic.

Imagine if I could see Adam Levine with his puppy in person...I might be magically cured from overwhelming happiness.  Like a friggen miracle!

Plus, this is a great excuse to post a pic of Adam Levine and a cute puppy.

Happy Friday!

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