Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Franken Polish Dupe

If you find yourself reading this, then you are most probably a nail polish addict like me. And you either have the discontinued Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, or have been on the hunt for it.

It was only a couple of months ago that I finally stumbled across an original bottle of Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue in my local Walgreens. It is a habit of mine to check the Sally Hansens whenever I go to any store that carries them, always in the hopes that I would find an original bottle. I had previously checked this store, numerous times, and after about a year of searching, I had finally found the golden ticket and scored one of these beauties...

Since I knew that I would have to be sparing in how often I used this, I thought, "wouldn't it be nice if I could come up with a franken dupe for this". For those of you who do not know what a 'franken' is, I'm referring to a polish that you make yourself by combining ones you already have.

I knew that I had a very similiar polish  in my stash...Sinful Colors Endless Blue. I would consider it an 'almost' dupe for Pacific Blue, with the differences being that Endless Blue is a hair darker, and it lacks the neon purple that Pacific Blue seems to have a hint of. So my thinking was that I could use Endless Blue as my base, lighten it up with a cream white, and add a hint of a purple and see what happens.

The closest to neon purple I had was Illamasqua's Stance. It's kind of a warm purple, that on the nails looks very bright. I'm not quite sure it's considered a neon, but it was the closest thing I had. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as my white cream, but I think any white cream would work (but the measurements may be slightly different).

I used an empty bottle that I cleaned out, added a mixing ball that I hijacked from a different polish, and went to mixing...

My exact measurments were:

Sinful Colors Endless Blue 3.8 grams
Sinful Colors Snow Me White 0.7 grams
Illamasqua Stance 0.9 grams

It's approximately a 4:1:1 ratio.

These measurements are in grams, and because most people may not have gram scales, it may be easier to use the ratio for measurements. Maybe use a disposeable plastic teaspoon for measurements? However you do it, if you do decide to franken up your own Pacific Blue dupe, please take a picture and tag me on instagram, tweet me, or post it on my facebook page. I would love to see it!

In pics above, the dupe is on the left (square bottle), original on the right

Left & Right pictures: Dupe swatched on all fingers except thumb. The thumb is the original formula Pacific Blue. Middle Picture: original formula Pacific Blue on all fingers

Can you tell the difference? Do you own a bottle of the original? If so, do you use it sparingly, and how much of your bottle is left?

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  1. Very impressive! Sally Hansen is so hit or miss I rarely take a look at the polishes but Pacific Blue always pops up during conversations.

    What is the newer color like?