Monday, April 24, 2017

#AtoZChallenge #HotMan Teen Picks

My theme for this year is Hot Men. Why Hot Men? I started hosting #HotManTuesday on my personal Facebook page as my way of lightening things up a bit after Facebook had gradually gotten very heated, political, and sad (#makefacebookgreatagain). Doing an entire month of A-Z seemed like a fun extension of my Facebook #HotManTuesday

Featuring my 16 year old daughter, Mary, as my guest writer today!


First up; Everyone's favorite actor, Ryan Gosling...

...and then there's Gregg Sulkin, who we all fell in love with when he was a Disney star in Wizards of Waverly Place, and Avalon High. Can you really blame us? I mean just take a look at those dimples!... up Robbie Amell, who plays half of firestorm in The Flash and is also in The Duff...

... Jesse from Pitch Perfect, the best guy anyone could ask for: cute, can sing, has a sense of humor, but overall is a total dork!- played by Skylar Astin

And last, but not least, Álvaro Soler, who we discovered in spanish class, and fangirled over during the music video for his song, El Mismo Sol, which we recommend watching both for the song and the hottie!...

Who are your favorite #HotManTeenPicks

And for those of you straight men who made it all the way through...

... Mila Kunis, actress, who my boyfriend picked out...:) 

Thanks for letting me guest post mom!!!!!
-Mary and friends

*Beauty and attraction and very subjective. I encourage everyone to share their opinions in the comments section. Do you agree with my picks? Do you have any picks of your own? Please keep it kind!


  1. I super love your theme
    I am going to read all your posts.

    A Peice Of My Life

  2. Ryan Gosling is pretty much the best.

    I remember him on the Mickey Mouse Club.

    Once Upon a Time

    1. I love Ryan Gosling too! I very much approve of Mary's pic ::)

  3. Did you ever watch Arrow? Robbie's cousin Stephen Amell plays the lead. They both seem like really sweet guys too.WeekendsInMaine

  4. hi Mary... nice choices. love getting your perspective too!

    joy @ The JOYOUS Living

  5. Ahahha, I have to agree!! Even though I'm not a teenager...but I grew up with Wizards of Waverly Place and LOVED Gregg Sulkin.

    Don't know who the last one is but when I was in high school we fan-girled David Bisbal (Spanish pop star!)