Saturday, April 8, 2017

#AtoZChallenge #HotMan Gay Guys

My theme for this year is Hot Men. Why Hot Men? I started hosting #HotManTuesday on my personal Facebook page as my way of lightening things up a bit after Facebook had gradually gotten very heated, political, and sad (#makefacebookgreatagain). Doing an entire month of A-Z seemed like a fun extension of my Facebook #HotManTuesday


Yes, they play for the other team, and that makes us straight girls wanna cry a little, but we can still admire them from afar :) Let's start off with the funny, and loveable, Neil Patrick Harris... 

...he was almost featured on my #HotManFunnyGuys post from the other day...

...and what about yummy Matt Bomer...

...I mean OMG... 

...and for those of you who were disappointed that there weren't any Doctor Who actors for my #HotManDoctors post, does John Barrowman make up for it? about John Barrowman with a puppy? 

Off the charts cute!!!

Who are your favorite #HotManGayGuys ? 

And for those of you straight men who made it all the way through... should just be happy that those guys are off the market :)

*Beauty and attraction and very subjective. I encourage everyone to share their opinions in the comments section. Do you agree with my picks? Do you have any picks of your own? Please keep it kind!


  1. Great post and I have to include Wentworth Miller who is gorgeous. I think it's just about appreciating beauty wherever we see it.

    Highlands Days of Fun

    1. Wentworth Miller is gay??? Noooooo! I'm gonna go cry me a river now...

  2. I do like John Barrowman, though I had no idea what his name was. He is Malcolm Merlin on Arrow. I LOVE Arrow.

    Impromptu Promptlings
    A to Z Challenge Letter G

    1. I was first introduced to John Barrowman on Doctor Who...have been a big fan ever since! Thanks for the visit!

  3. Matt Bomer still makes me cry.

  4. This is an awesome theme! I love Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman - we can always look from afar and dream :) I got to meet John Barrowman last year when he came to Melbourne for Supanova. The man is even more yummy in real lift.

  5. NHP <3 (Now to catch up on the doctors post!)

  6. ah yes to #2 and #3. why do gay men always make straight women drool? Hehe.
    check out John Barrowman's version of "My Eyes Adored You" :D

    Joy @ THE Joyous Living

    1. Maybe it's the fact that we can't have them that makes them even hotter...forbidden fruit and all LOL