Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#AtoZChallenge #HotMan Pilots

My theme for this year is Hot Men. Why Hot Men? I started hosting #HotManTuesday on my personal Facebook page as my way of lightening things up a bit after Facebook had gradually gotten very heated, political, and sad (#makefacebookgreatagain). Doing an entire month of A-Z seemed like a fun extension of my Facebook #HotManTuesday


Let's start off with an 80's favorite, Top Gun's Maverick...

...played by Tom Cruise...

...and how about Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly (who I almost added to #HotManCaptains and #HotManLoveableBadBoys)...

...played by Nathan Fillion...

...what about a more recent hottie pilot, Poe Dameron, from The Force Awakens...

...played by Oscar Isaac...

...speaking of Star Wars, and #HotManLoveableBadBoys... Han Solo...

...played by the amazing Harrison Ford...

Who are your favorite #HotManPilots ? 

And for those of you straight men who made it all the way through...

...Daisy Ridley, who plays pilot Rey in The Force Awakens :)

*Beauty and attraction and very subjective. I encourage everyone to share their opinions in the comments section. Do you agree with my picks? Do you have any picks of your own? Please keep it kind!


  1. Always and forever - Tom Cruise - the ultimate HOT pilot - but when I was really young I did have a bit of a crush on Buck Rogers (who was played by Gil Gerard)!
    I'm just going to cool off now - see ya :)

  2. LOL! Oh my goodness, what a fun theme for the challenge. I'm not playing this year, but I have been popping around to see what people are doing. You named all my top picks for pilots.

  3. MAL!!! LOVE HIM!!

    Have I mentioned what a great service you are doing for all of us? Thank you so much! :)


    1. LOL! 'A great service'...I'm like an eye candy pimp hahaha

  4. Love Malcolm! :) What about adding Gregory Peck in 12 O'clock Noon?

    joy @ The Joyous Living

    1. I've heard of Gregory Peck, but not seen that movie. He sure was a cutie though!