Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Babies Aren't Babies Anymore

Geez...I've been so emotional lately!  Really struggling with depression these last few weeks because of all my medical crap.  And today in church I was almost in tears watching all the little kids process to bring flowers to the Blessed Mother (it's a Catholic thing).  The year my daughter made communion, she was asked to crown the BM, and that's all I could think of today in church!  Maybe I was just missing her because she's been gone this weekend for a tournament, but I think it has more to do with the fact that my babies aren't babies anymore.  DD is a teenager (just barely at 13, but definitely if you're judging on attitude!) and going into high school in just a few short months.  And DS, who is my baby of babies, is going into middle school next year.  I'm having a real hard time with them growing up.  And with both of them moving up in schools at the same time...seems like too much for this mama to handle. 

Is this normal?  What am I going to do when they start leaving for college?  I'm already an emotional wreck!  Somebody please tell me this will get better.  They're only 13 and 10 for goodness sakes! 

My girl, crowning the Blessed Mother


  1. Nope. Sorry. It doesn't get better. If you're an emotional wreck now, you're going to keep crying for all the rest of their milestones. Just have a box of tissues nearby at all times!

  2. I'm not a parent so I don't really know, but I'm guessing it's pretty normal to feel this way. Just try to remember that there will be plenty to enjoy about their teenage years too. Hope you're having a better day today. x

  3. It's just going to get worse, sorry, but I gotta agree with Sherry. My youngest is graduating 8th grade, and my oldest drives, is totally independent, I can count on him for anything (go get my new prescription and your brother texted he's done at robotics, please pick him up). They'll BOTH be in high school next year. The Transporter a senior.
    I have no idea where the time went. Seems like yesterday I was buckling car seats and changing diapers...
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  4. Each of those milestones is bittersweet, but that's what parenthood is all about. You raise great children who become astounding adults and you know that you helped create that!

  5. @ Kirsten
    Thanks for the comments! I guess I should start investing in tissues!

  6. Ha! I'm already planning my kids graduation party from high school and he's only 8! I'm only sort of joking. He's wonderful and a pain in the b*tt all at the same time!
    You'll be okay. Just think how proud you will be at all the other special occasions coming up!


    1. I think I started thinking about sending my daughter off to college when she was 8! Maybe because then it's only 10 years away...just a little psycho, I know :)