Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Plant Died...But That's OK

Since I had my first ankle surgery mid-June and then my second ankle surgery in December, you can only imagine how much stuff has NOT gotten done in the past 7 months or so.  There was no spring going through the garage and throwing out dusting the top of the refrigerator... no cleaning and sorting through closets, etc.  You get the idea.  My family has been in a survival cleaning mode since June.  This makes my OCD mental-ness a little haywire.  Oddly, I can't wait to clean again just so I can sit back, smell the chemicals, and smile.

My husband has done a great job holding down the fort and I give him a lot of credit.  He's done so, cleaning, laundry...and still manages to work a full time job and coach a team!  We've also been blessed to have some help from my mother-in-law...she's cleaned my kitchen quite a few times, watched my kids, and made us food.  Friends and neighbors have helped with meals, rides to appointments, and I even had a couple of my friends tidy up my refrigerator.  All in all, we've been lucky.

Still, there is one thing that has not survived these last several months... my african violet plant that I got from a catechist dinner a few years ago. It's now just a pot of dirt with some dried up dead plant in it.

RIP African Violet

Really, I have to be realistic and realize that things cannot possibly be the same as they "normally" are.  I'm recovering from major surgery...again.  And things will get done eventually.  It's hard for me to let some of these little things go, but if the plant is the only thing that hasn't survived over the last 7 months, then I'm considering myself and my family pretty lucky! 

Maybe you've had surgery too, or just had a baby, or are caring for a sick family member -- and you can't keep your house the way you normally do.  Anyone else have problems letting go of the little things that don't get done?  Any tips or suggestions for staying sane and letting go?

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