Wednesday, January 22, 2014

7 Week Update -- Ankle #2

Ankle #2 is coming along really well!  I seem to be doing a little more every few days.

Most of my days this week have been spent downstairs in my reclining chair instead of upstairs in my bed.  I still have my feet up in my chair, but they aren't higher than my heart...which is what was necessary to keep the swelling down immediately following surgery.  I'm able to sit in a regular chair without my ankle up for a longer period of time.  This has allowed me to be able to have dinner with my family, at the dinner table, for the past few days :)

On Monday I started using the cane around the house when I have my boot on, and since then have found it easier each day.  I still took both crutches to PT on Monday because there are exercises I have to do with just my sneakers on and I need the support if I don't wear my boot.

I started back on my Celebrex this past weekend.  I was supposed to wait until Monday, but I rebelled and started two days prior.  I was at the 6.5 week mark.  If I remember correctly, I started taking my Celebrex with ankle #1 at the 7 week it's pretty comparable.

My biggest accomplishment this week...I did 5 minutes on the treadmill on Monday!  I had my boot on, and was slower than molasses, but I did it!  Really looking forward to doing more work on the treadmill as walking is kind of a top priority :)


We had a nice size snow this week and I'm glad my PT appointments missed the worst of the storm.  I'm originally from NY and sometimes miss the it was nice to have more than a dusting for a change.  I hope that the roads are good for my appointment tomorrow.  One of my biggest fears during this whole ankle surgery experience has been falling.  I'm terrified I'm going to slip and fall!  This wasn't as much of a concern in the summer when I had ankle #1 done, but it's a definite concern now that we are right smack in the middle of winter.  Keep me in your prayers!

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