Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Week Update – Ankle #2

Last week my therapist gave me the exercise of standing on both feet and transferring my weight back and forth.  This week I can now stand on ankle #2 with about 40% weight without the boot.  With the boot on, I can stand 50/50...pretty even.  The biggest difference is that I don't feel like I want to die from the pain like I did just a couple of weeks ago.  As far as my theraband exercises go...I found my blue band that I was given with ankle #1, and have started using that instead.  It is a step more difficult than the green one I was given last week, so it's a bit more challenging.

The best news is:  I stopped taking all my medicines for my ankle...except on PT days.  The 24/7 pain I was feeling for the first few weeks has subsided and now it just hurts when I work it or if it isn't elevated for a while.  Oh, and the redness I was worried about last week seems to have gone nowhere...thank God!  My incision is a bit red all around, but in a normal, healing way.  Still, it looks gross :)

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