Sunday, December 15, 2013

People Are Good

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people just stop by my house unannounced.  Especially lately, with the surgeries and all.  I mean, I didn't even wear a bra at all last week. At. All.  At least if someone calls ahead I have time to put a bra on, a hat, and brush my teeth.  At least give me time for this little bit of human-ness.  Seriously, I hate hate hate when people just stop in. Hate.

Having said that, twice this weekend people showed up unannounced, and it was all good.  Saturday morning my mother-in-law (MIL) showed up.  Seriously, 10am and the doorbell rings.  I remember her mentioning that she was going to come over and help out this weekend, but I didn't remember it being the crack of dawn.  Yeah, yeah, I know...10am isn't the crack of dawn for most people.  But it is for us on a Saturday.  The hubs and I were still in bed sleeping!

But my MIL, being the awesome lady that she is, brought and made us breakfast...eggs, bacon, and toast.  My hubs brought me my food upstairs (I can't tell you what a hassle it is to get up and down the stairs at the moment).  My MIL didn't come up until later, and asked first, just in case I wasn't presentable.  Thank goodness I can get away without wearing a bra in front of her :)  While she was here, she cleaned out my fridge and cleaned up my kitchen.  Oh, and she brought me homemade ravioli that my sister-in-law made!  I have the BEST in-laws!!

Then today, Sunday, my husband had to leave early to head to his mom's house a couple towns over for my niece's birthday party (she's 5 and totally cute btw).  Both of my kids slept over my in-laws house last night just to make it easier on us today...this way the hubs didn't have to leave me alone as long.

So it's me, in the house alone, sitting upstairs in bed, you know...healing and all...and I hear the doorbell.  I can't get up to get it because of the surgery, and I don't think much of it anyway... figured it's probably one of the kids friends looking for them.  A little while later I check my email and find that a friend from church was the one at the door.  She had made me and my family some Christmas cookies and just wanted to drop them off and see how I was doing.  How nice is that?  Another random act of kindness for me!  And it's delicious food related...even better!

People are good. I realize that some people's goodness is easier to see than others...but deep down people are good.  I feel very blessed to be surrounded by very obviously good people.  And I've realized that I can forgive some of my pet peeves if it allows for these random acts of kindness :)

The moral of the story is: if you're going to show up up with food :)

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