Sunday, December 8, 2013

4 Days Post-Op

Well, I'm going to keep this post short today since my eyes are buggin even looking at the computer screen.  And the red squiggly line of spellcheck won't leave me alone.

Wednesday – The Day Of Surgery

We had to be at the hospital two hours before surgery to get checked in and whatnot.  So hello 5:30AM!  I had to get into a lovely hospital gown and lay on the bed/stretcher until they wheeled me into the OR.  I was stuck only once again for my IV, but it took a lot longer and that IV only lasted a half a day.  Because I needed a new IV, I had to wait on my pain meds.  Well, let's just say that it took until around midnight to get all my pain under control.  Not a good day :(


Pain under control.  Able to get in/out of bed to use the bedside commode rather easily.  I asked to see a priest that day for confession.  I figured that I may as well make good use of my confession and communion that day for me.  Thursday was a pretty good day pain wise and all other kinds of wise.  I went home that afternoon.


I slept most of the day.  Since I hadn't slept in over a week (I've been cat-napping), my body was really craving sleep.  And the medicines I'm on definitely contribute to the lack of sleep.


Most of this day was also spent sleeping.  I decided to shower Saturday night and this would prove to be my undoing!  Not only did I get the bottom of my splint wet while showering, but I also lost my balance and came down on the newly operated foot and it's been hurting more ever since.  I took off the big ace bandages that were on my splint and before replacing them with clean, dry ones, I took the hair dryer to it.  My husband helped and we both agreed that the wet factor didn't really seem like much of a problem anymore.  It was the increased level of pain that concerned me.  I waited until the morning and called the on-call doc.  He said for me to call the clinic first thing Monday morning because my doc may want to have my splint looked at and possibly get more x-rays taken.

So that's where I am today.   Really tired...foot pain at a 6-7 pain level.  And kinda worried that I fucked my foot's healthiness.

Anyone else out there a klutz like me? 

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