Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Much Money Is In My Swear Jar?

Since giving up swearing for Lent almost two weeks ago, things are going pretty well.  I have less than $10 in the swear jar so far...I'd say that's pretty good!  I have noticed that I think about cursing a lot more that I thought I did.  And the dialog in my head is pretty bad...I don't know if that's because I can't freely express myself, or if I always think this way...probably the latter...and I'm just noticing it now.

So what have my worst offenders been?  Well, I can't actually say, or write them here (those were the rules per my kiddos), but I can tell you that none of those offenses were f-bombs...I'm very proud of that!  Actually, all of them have been minor offenses, in my opinion...words that I use instead of using harsh f-bomb language.

Other than my language getting cleaned up, having extra money to donate to the church, and...you know...sacrificing for Jesus and all...other than that...a great benefit has been the joy my children have found in all of this.  They enjoy coming home to find more money in the jar and think it's funny that I'm being "punished" in some way by the swear jar.  Why is that? 

How are you doing on your Lenten promises?  Have you given something up or are you doing something extra instead?

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