Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When Did I Get So Old?

Sunday night I had the opportunity to go out and see my best friend perform on stage for the first time. It was great fun and I felt like myself...a feeling that has been missing lately because rehabbing my latest surgery has felt like forever! Mike (my bestie) has been playing the guitar for a couple of years now and was looking to jam with someone. He found this event, called Flash Band, and decided to give it a go. (For more information on Flash Band, go here). Basically, you meet other local musicians, and then get together to play a show after only knowing each other for a month. The theme of Sunday night's Flash Band was 'British Invasion', which was awesome!

A wonderful night was had on Sunday, followed by a miserable Monday morning for me. Oh goodie. I woke up the next day feeling like someone beat the shit out of me. I hurt so bad all over. After seeing my kids out the door for their first day of school, I went back to bed and stayed there until early afternoon. Because of my medical condition, I know that I need to take things easy otherwise I end up regretting it, but this reaction caught me off guard. After all, I wasn't on my feet at all...Mike was kind enough to get me a seated ticket. I guess I thought that since I wouldn't be standing, that I would be okay. And my feet were okay...it's the rest of my body that objected! Too much time in the car...too much driving...too long being out. Man, I feel old! Back in the day, we used to go out all night long and I'd get up the next morning and function like a normal person...notsomuch anymore.

Ah, the joys of living with chronic pain. Sometimes, you never know when you'll have those bad days...they just hit you without warning. This is why I plan as much as I can...because I know that even with all the planning in the world, sometimes it is all for naught. I guess that next time I plan to see Flash Band (because there will be a next time--I love live music) I'll need my hubby to drive me. And I probably won't be able to stay to watch all the bands :( Oh, well. It was still worth it to be a part of Mike's fan club! :)

Mike and my daughter, jamming :)


  1. Hi Katie! I feel for you, friend. Take care and keep your chin up. There will be better days.

  2. Yes! When did we get so old? I feel bad every morning when I get out of bed. Everything always hurts and it takes hours (and lots of coffee) until I start feeling "normal" again. I realize my issues aren't much compared to yours, but I suddenly feel I'm on the downward slope to old age, and that I should treasure my relative good health now because it's only going to get worse. :(

  3. I think it's good that you're not letting it completely spoil plans for you, even if you have to learn the hard way how to tweak them! Listen to your body, honor what it needs and it will reward you with the ability to function- even if not as well as you did. Prayers for your speedy recovery and better concert outcomes in the future!

  4. If I would have seen the corner that I turned on the way to "old", I would have gone the other way.

    I hate it that you don't feel well - sending a prayer your way. It couldn't hurt at all. :-)

  5. Hi Katie :) Catching up with everyone as I've been AWOL for a couple of months now - nothing major - just lack of time really during the summer months. Sorry you were in pain but it is great that you don't let things stop you from enjoying opportunities when they arise and as you say you will adjust things for next time! I'm with the others here - I'm afraid we are all getting older and nights out all get to be that much harder to recover from even without any extra conditions such as yours. So I'm Celebrating the Small Things and wishing you a speedy recovery :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace