Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My New Custom Orthotics...The Jury Is Out

I got fitted for my custom orthotics a few weeks ago (you can read about my fitting here) and was finally able to pick them up this week.  Figured I'd get pictures before they get all gross and stinky.

Here they are with my Easy Spirit sneakers in a size 6, which is a half size bigger than I normally wear.  They easily go in and come out.

The top of the orthotic (the black part) feels soft.  The part where the toes are is very flexible.  The rest is pretty rigid.

This is the bottom...the white part is the heel.  

They feel kind of weird, but not bad...just different.  I have to give them some time before I come to a decision about them.  The only other pair of shoes that I've tried them with is my Sketchers sneakers, which are my usual size, a 5.5.  They fit inside them okay, but my feet fit really shallow.

The good news is that "right" and "left" are printed on the bottom, along with my I feel a little bit like a kindergartener :)

I go to see my ankle surgeon this Friday for a post-op check up and to see what's going on with my lack of progress.  I'll do an update post next week to keep everyone informed!


  1. Glad you got some orthotics to hopefully help you find relief. I'll be thinking about you and hoping the surgeon has some good answers.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I need all the prayers and good vibes I can get :)