Thursday, April 24, 2014

Total Ankle Replacement: 20 Weeks Post-Op--Ankle #2

So this week is 20 weeks since I had my total ankle replacement on ankle #2.  I still don't feel “normal” in either of my ankles (ankle #1 is approximately 10 months post-op).  I realize that there's a very really possibility that I might not ever get to “normal”, but I've been pretty disappointed about my level of progress so far.  My husband keeps on reminding me that it hasn't been that long with either ankle and that I just need to be patient and give it more time.  But...patience is stupid.  Just getting frustrated here!

Physical Therapy/Medical Gym
Since last week, I've stopped going to physical therapy and have progressed to the medical gym.  What does this mean?  Not much.  Basically I do all the same exercises that I did while in pt, but I don't consult with my therapist anymore.  I'm lucky that my pt place allows patients to transition to a gym routine like this and I'll probably keep this up for another month or two?  Who knows.  I guess it depends on my level of progression and frustration factor.

I stopped using my aircast ankle brace a few weeks ago while at the gym.  I still wear it whenever I go out, but not at home.  Most of my exercises have remained the same, with the weights changing for some.

Hip machine...45lbs (same as last month)
Knee machine...25lbs (up from last month)
Total Gym...level 6 (same as last month)
Leg lifts...3lbs each leg (same as last month)
Leg Press machine (this is new)...60lbs
Pilates Reformer...
     Heel on bar squats w/ foot flexed... 1 red band (same as last month)
     Toes on bar squats w/ foot pointed... 1 red band (same as last month)
     One legged squats... 2 red, 1 green band (same as last month)

I stopped doing the rebounder every time.  Instead, I've been balancing daily at home...either barefooted, or with my Birki's on.  My balance has much improved!

Unfortunately, the treadmill hasn't progressed as much as I'd like.  I'm doing 10-12 minutes at 1.3mph.  Seems like whenever I'm on my feet for longer than 10 minutes, I start to really hurt.

Range of Motion
My range of motion is pretty much the same as it was last month.  I hope to do a video sometime in the next few days and will link it here.

'Round the House
Still walking with a bit of a limp, which is way more noticible the more tired I am or the more activity I have done.   I can load and unload the dishwasher, do the laundry, and vacuum (one room before I need to sit and rest).  I really try to schedule cleaning time so I don't overdue it and kill myself for the day.  I can cook a little bit...I sit on the counter if I have to be at the stove.  I cannot do a whole big meal, with lots of prep, and the cleanup afterwards.

Out and About
I'm still pretty sore on the days that I go to the gym in the morning and try not to schedule anything for the rest of the day.  But if push came to shove, I'd just slap my aircast on and maybe take a pain med if I really needed to do something super important. 

Like I mentioned above...I still can't really be on my feet longer than 10 minutes.  After that time, my feet start to massively hurt.  I did make a trip last week to Kohl's to get my son a new suit.  We went in, got some clothes to try on, and I sat down in the dressing room to rest while he tried on clothes.  All was going well (up to get clothes, sit down to rest) until I asked a sales lady to check the back for some stock.  We waited about 10 minutes (my breaking point), and then I had to wait another 5 minutes (at least) on the line to check out.  Holy hell...I was in so much pain by the time I got home.  I barely made it out to the car and could hardly walk the rest of the night.  But the next day I was okay, which is a huge improvement.  Before surgery, I wouldn't have been able to walk for days.  I did take a pain med when I got home, and it took the edge off, but I still could barely walk.

Immediate Goals
Over the next month my biggest goals are:  to go to the elementary school to have lunch with my son.  This was a goal for last month that I just haven't had time to do.  

I wonder just how far behind I am than the average person having this type of surgery...if there's anyone out there who can compare, please comment below!

To read about my full ankle replacement journey, please click on the Total Ankle Replacement tab.  

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  1. I haven't had ankle replacement (thank you God) but in 2004 I broke my right leg in 4 places (2 breaks at the ankle and two further up near the Knee) I was total non-weight bearing for 4 months. I still limp when I get tired. I had a titanium rod with 3 screws but had to have the screws removed because they kept backing out. It is a long, long process. Hang in there girl. I imagine ankle replacements are a long recovery process....