Thursday, March 27, 2014

Total Ankle Replacement: 16 Weeks Post-Op ROM Measurements Ankle #2

While at physical therapy today I asked my therapist to take some measurements since it's been a while.  The following are my passive range of motion (meaning my therapist can push my ankle to these measurements) numbers for my right ankle:

Plantarflexion                50
Dorsiflexion                  12
Inversion                      35-40
Eversion                       12

The inversion number shows a range from 35-40 because Jenn, my therapist, wasn't writing the numbers down as she did them and she remembered it being 40 and I remembered it being 35.  She said there is a +/- 5 degree error on the measurements anyway.

The biggest difference between my numbers from seven weeks ago is the increase in my plantarflexion measurement.  This doesn't surprise me.  I've been working hard to get the flexibility back and even when I'm pointing my toes on my own, I can get more motion than my other foot (I know this is because I was able to start physical therapy a lot earlier than I was for ankle #1).  Hopefully, as my leg and foot muscles get stronger, my active plantarflexion (how far I can bend it on my own) will get even more.  If not, Jenn assures me that all my measurements, for both feet, are within the “normal” range.

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