Monday, February 10, 2014

Ankle #2 ROM -- 9 Weeks Post-Op

Pre-Op Measurements

If you remember, I had my therapist, Jenn, take measurements of ankle #2 before I had my total ankle replacement surgery.  When I took them, the thought was that I'd be all scientific-like with the comparisons. (For my post-op measurements for ankle #1, and comparison measurements for both ankles click here.)  Here are my PRE-OP numbers...all are active range of motion (meaning I could get to these numbers on my own):

Plantarflexion                40
Dorsiflexion                  10
Inversion                       30
Eversion                        10
Standing Calf Stretch     30

Post-Op Measurements

Here are my numbers from last week, specifically last Thursday...which was 9 weeks, 1 day POST-OP for ankle #2 ...these are passive range of motion (meaning Jenn can push my ankle to these measurements):

Plantarflexion                40
Dorsiflexion                  10
Inversion                      35
Eversion                       15

Looking at these numbers, it seems like I'm on the right track!  The passive ROM should be more than the active my measurements for inversion and eversion being more now than pre-op aren't too surprising.  In another few weeks I see my surgeon and Jenn will do my measurements again.  I'll have to remember to take both active and passive ROM measurements.

Anyone else have ROM measurements they want to share?

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