Friday, February 21, 2014

11 Week Post-Op Surgeon Visit

Hauled myself into DC this morning...well my husband actually did the hauling as I still can't drive (yet).  I'm 11 weeks post-op and I'm progressing on track.  My doctor ordered more x-rays to be taken and things are healing up as they should.  I was given a prescription for another 4-6 weeks of physical therapy...which is great since I still need to build up my strength and work on my balance.  My next post-op checkup with the surgeon will be four months from now...which will be approximately 6 months for ankle #2 and my 1 year anniversary for ankle #1.

I'm allowed to start progressing out of the boot and into an aircast, which they fit me for and provided me with today.  This is the same routine I did with ankle #1.   I'll wear the aircast around the house a bit and see how well I tolerate it.  I will need to work up to wearing it all the time.  The aircast they gave me today is a size small (I wear a 5.5 shoe) and feels a bit snug.  I'm hoping that it will “break in”.  I had a medium for my left (ankle #1)...maybe because I was more swollen when I was fit for it.  I do remember the brace feeling uncomfortable when I started wearing it last time around too, but not this uncomfortable.  I'll give it a few days and see if it improves.  At the moment, I've had it on for 20 minutes and I'm ready to take it off!  It hurts just sitting here with my foot up!  Is progressing into an aircast the norm for this surgery?  Anyone else have this?

I was sent home with a prescription for custom orthotics as well.  I had orthotics for a short time as a kid (to help with my flat feet) and remember them hurting badly.  I'm hoping that the comfort level of orthotics has improved over the last 30 years or I'm sh*t out of luck!  In addition to improved comfort, I'm also hoping that they will fit in most shoes.  Wearing sneakers all the time is hurting my fashion style greatly :)  If you have orthotics, do you find them comfortable? Can they fit in most of your shoes or am I doomed to sneakers forever?

So, things are going well, and as planned, but I still have a few months left of rehab so I can gain my strength back.  The good thing is that I now don't have the other ankle holding me back.  I can go on the treadmill and not worry about my “bad ankle”.  No more bad ankles :)

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