Monday, March 17, 2014

How I'll Spend 26 Days Blogging In April: The A to Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge is a blogging challenge that encourages you to blog about a different topic every day in April excluding Sundays (on a total side note: this excluding Sundays thing totally reminds me of When Harry Met Sally and her days of the week underwear...”where's Sunday?” haha).  Each day will showcase a different letter of the alphabet, starting with A on the first day, B on the second day, and so on.

The calendar will look like this:

A long time friend and fellow blogger brought this challenge to light to me a few days ago and my first reaction was, “that is totally insane!” No way. Not me. Can't do it. Thankyouverymuch.  Keep in mind that this is my usual first response to many things that seem difficult or out of the box to me.  After thinking about it overnight I thought, why can't I do this?  The two biggest excuses I came up with were: 

  • It will take up too much of my time 

    It seems lately, with all this healing and recovering, that time is something that I have a bit more of.  I've been forced to slow down because I'm still recovering from ankle surgery.  On days that I don't have physical therapy, I should have time to write.  I actually have this time on therapy days, but on those days I just want to come home and crawl back in bed because pt takes a lot out of me.  So...time? some.
  • I can't possibly come up with a new post everyday

    Well, most of my posts so far have been easy to write since many have been updates on my progress.  And my non-medical posts are usually spur of the moment, unplanned posts, that just happen because life happens and I want to share.  So, how am I going to write a random post every day?  Aha!  Pick a theme.  There are many bloggers who have taken this challenge before and have suggested picking a theme to help with the topics you write about.  By picking a theme, you can make a list of topics beforehand, thus making the hurdle seem a little more attainable.  Once I heard about this theme idea...I was on board.  I'm type A and am excellent at making lists :)  Now I just need to write topics for each blog title that's on my themed list.  Yeah, I already picked a theme and will be revealing it this stay tuned.  (click here to see my theme reveal)

So, with my two biggest excuses thrown out the door, I'm set to take on this challenge.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  Will I finish the challenge?  Don't know.  Am I ready?  Not really.  But I'm doing it anyway! 

In the immortal words of my "bow tie" Doctor:  "Geronimo!"

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