Thursday, July 17, 2014

My New Socks And My OCD

How OCD Am I?

This is how OCD I am...

I got these new socks, which I quite like, but for whatever reason Nike has decided to label them with an “L” and an “R”.  These socks have some fancy seaming on them, which is very comfy, but is this the reason for the left/right labeling?  I mean, are the seams made in such a way that it makes a difference which sock I put on which foot?  I have looked at both and can't seem to find a difference...pun intended!

But I just cannot put these socks on the wrong feet.  If I accidentally put them on wrong, I have to take them off and switch!  Mentally, it bothers me!

I know, I have issues.

But it can't be just me.  The other day on facebook I came across this pic:

This dishwasher thing is so me!  And I was surprised at how many people responded that they do this too!  But rearranging the dishwasher has an actual purpose...making more room than your kids think is possible.  Wearing my socks on the correct feet is taking the crazy to a whole other level :) 

At least I'm aware of my mental that's better, right?

What little quirks do you have?


  1. Erg. Arg. Lost my comment.

    I agree. We have lots of issues at our house too.
    I would do the same with the socks.

    But, I really wish I had a dishwasher to rearrange!

  2. Yeah, that'd make me nuts, too. Then again, I sometimes have a rebellious moment that trumps the OCD, where I'll intentionally do one thing "wrong" just to do it.
    And then watch as people get very confused by this.
    A tiny bit of anarchy.

    Can't apply that to a dishwasher though. There's a freakin method to the madness, people!!! It has to go in a certain way or else nothing gets clean. And what kind of lunatic puts a fork in the spoon bin? Seriously? You see 6 spoons here and 4 forks there, and couldn't figure out the system?
    Oh, right, it was to mess with me. Payback for that anarchy....