Friday, July 18, 2014

Celebrate The Small Things 7/18 and Kids Update

It's Friday and I'm Celebrating The Small Things!  Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly celebration where some bloggers have decided to post about something worth matter how big or small it is.

This week I'm celebrating that both my kiddos are on the mend!  My daughter's sprained shoulder is almost completely healed since hurting it a few weeks ago.  Her acupuncture treatment last week allowed her to play in her softball tournament last weekend...and according to the other softball moms (I couldn't make the games), she played well and didn't seem at all injured.  Thank God!

And my son, while he still has a bit of a sore throat today (it's Thursday afternoon as I write this), he is currently at his friend's house playing.  His spirits are much improved and he has had no fever for two days now.  I'll continue to have him take the Chinese herbs until his throat is completely healed.

I'm also celebrating rainbow cookies.  These are my favorite cookies and I finally found a recipe that is very close to the Italian pastry shop in Brooklyn that my grandparents used to get them from. When I was in high school, my grandparents would visit us every Monday because my grandpa's doctor was close to where we lived.  And every week they'd bring Italian pastry cookies for us, with a load of rainbow cookies for me.  I love you grandma and grandpa!  I hope they have cookies in heaven that are just as delicious as in Brooklyn!

For the rainbow cookie recipe, click here.  Changes I made to the original recipe:  I omitted the raspberry jam and substituted almond pie filling for almond paste.  Then I made a ganache out of the chocolate so it wouldn't crack when I cut the cookies.

What are you celebrating?

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  1. Glad to hear they're on the mend and your daughter can play softball again. Those rainbow cookies look lovely! Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm glad they're on the mend too! Sick kids are sad :( The cookies are delicious...lots of work, but worth it!

  2. Glad your kids are better. There's nothing worse than sick kids. And those cookies look incredible!

  3. Those cookies look delicious. Glad your kids are feeling better - I'm betting those cookies will bring them over the last hurdle ;)

  4. Glad both kids are on the mend! And OMG I *need* rainbow cookies right now! lol

  5. What a pity I can't stand almond paste. Those cookies are amazing to look at.

  6. Hey Katie! So glad the kiddies are on the mend. OMG you and I are such kindred souls! Those rainbow cakes (I never called them cookies) have always been my favorite and I haven't had them in so long. Love them. Thanks so much for the recipe. As soon as I can cook on my own, I'm going to try a batch. (Or at least when I can get someone to stick around and babysit me long enough so I don't burn the kitchen down!)

    My week was pretty calm for the most part. This week coming up is going to be hectic. I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about next week or the week after. Hugs to you. Always in my thoughts. Eva