Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things -- July 24

It's Friday and I'm Celebrating The Small Things!  The brainchild of ViklitCelebrate The Small Things is a weekly celebration where some bloggers have decided to post about something worth matter how big or small it is.

This week I'm celebrating:
  • I finally made it to one of my daughter's softball games!  My body hated me for it, but I was happy to see her's been a while. 
  • I had a wonderful visit from my parents last week. My mom just couldn't wait around any longer for me to be well enough to travel to her (a three hour drive), so they came here for a visit :)  My kids had a nice time seeing their grandparents, and Emmie barked at them a bunch LOL  
  • I "graduated" physical therapy a couple of weeks ago (be on the lookout for my 6 month sub-talar fusion update), but I still need to strengthen my leg muscles and all those little muscles in my feet.  So, I joined the medical gym...which basically means that I do all the excersices that I was doing in therapy, but unsupervised.  Things are going well...slow, but well.
  • I met a couple of women this week that are friends of a friend.  They were so nice and friendly, and I found our conversation to be easy.  Love meeting good people!
  • Got a couple of good deals for Amazon's 'Prime Day' of which was a new rope for Emmie.  Can you tell she loves it?

Emmie and her new rope

Emmie and her new rope--a better look :)

What are you celebrating?

If you'd like to Celebrate The Small Things, visit our wonderful host, Lexa @ Lexa Cain for more information.  And don't forget to visit her wonderful co-hosts:   LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge and Tonja Drecker @Kidbits Blog


  1. Glad you got to spend some time with your parents. I love meeting people who you instantly feel a connection to. Emmie does seem to love her new toy!

  2. Good luck with the physical therapy. Don't give it up until you're 100%, and even then continue. They say those last 5% (or maybe 10%) are the hardest to overcome because people often give up when they start feeling better. And then they are stuck.

    I love that blurred image of Emmie and the rope. It speaks for itself. :-D

  3. Special family time is always precious. :)

  4. Congratulations on the physical therapy! There may still be work ahead, but it's nice to know how much progress you've already made. Have a great weekend!

  5. Glad you're back. Good luck with physical therapy.

  6. Congrats on graduating PT! Doing things by yourself is probably a bit easier for you now. Yay for family visits, new nice people, and new ropes! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. I know what you mean, you always walk away feeling wonderful when you've had the opportunity to meet friendly people with easy conversation – well I find it to be a bit of a pick-me-up anyway. Congratulations for graduating on your physical therapy course. Emmie is really cute :3.

  8. Yay for moving out of PT and to the gym. The part I found difficult and still find difficult, is pushing myself that extra bit to get results when I am on my own.. I tend to think that if I start to sweat I am done. :)